Take a look at what executives and thought leaders are saying about The Perpetual Innovation Machine, a book that describes a holistic approach to management which uses data-driven analysis, skillful prioritization, inspiring leadership and the ‘lost art’ of employee engagement to achieve exceptional results.

Competition in the 21st Century is about ‘innovation as a mindset for doing business’ vs. ‘an activity or project,’ and The Perpetual Innovation Machine brilliantly sets a roadmap for establishing that framework as a way of doing business.

—Lewis Carbone, Chief Experience Officer and founder of Experience Engineering, Inc. and author of Clued In: How to keep customers coming back again and again, a Fast Company magazine “Reader’s Choice” book


I love this book. It’s short, simple, precise and to the point. And there is great Lean Six Sigma thinking throughout. It’s a valuable reference for any up-and-coming manager.

– Izzy Sanchez, a Master Black Belt and Managing Partner of Lean Sigma Professionals.


If you’re really committed to bringing major improvement to an organization, this book outlines a practical way to get from Point A to Point B. As the case histories show, the process can be applied to virtually any business in any industry. That’s why it’s a great book for corporate leaders to hand out to the managers on their team.

Tom DiOrio, President of Morgan Seven Enterprises, a consulting firm serving the new home building marketplace. Tom is also the past Area President of Mideast Operations for Ryan Homes.

Key driver analysis, leadership, employee engagement…This easy-to-read book brings together topics you rarely see discussed in one place. That’s why it’s a valuable resource for emerging leaders and everyone else interested in a practical approach to management.

—John Quinn, CEO of CE3 Solutions, LLC and former Customer Service and Operations Executive for Bank of America


What a joy to find someone who combines practical experience with the intellectual power to understand underlying issues. This is a must read for real-world marketers and managers.

Emily Coleman, Ph.D., President of Competitive Advantage Marketing


Whether your role is Chief Innovation Officer, business innovation consultant or team contributor, you need to add this book to your toolkit. I’ve applied this methodology on the front lines of a business, and I’ve seen how it can produce tremendous results.

Linda Worrell, Customer Experience Consulting, LLC and a former SVP at Bank of America


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