History is riddled with companies that no longer exist because they couldn’t catch the next wave of innovation. “The Perpetual Innovation Machine” is about redefining innovation as standard operating procedure. After all, what company can wait for one person to come down from the mountain with the next great idea?

This blog expands on the methodology found in the book and is intended to help executives and emerging leaders learn how to transform their organizations…and achieve great things. Topics include: 

  • Customer Focus
  • Employee Engagement
  • Innovation Toolkit
  • Leadership Thoughts
  • Outcome Engineering
  • And more

I’m an outsider that has driven breakthrough performance in high profile assignments in a diverse set of companies including: Xerox, Eastman Kodak, Bank of America, NVR and several Cloud Services startups. In each role I have been able to build trust and community within an organization to achieve our common goals.

I came into each assignment from the ‘outside’. I was a manufacturing guy when I became the VP of Customer Operations at Xerox Business Services. I had no Banking experience when I joined Bank of America. I was a civil engineer, but had never built a house when I took the reins of the largest homebuilder in New York. And the cloud was what I saw in the sky when I joined a couple of mid-stage cloud start-ups.

However, being an outsider was critically important. Experience has taught me that breakthroughs come from the right combination of existing ideas, usually from adjacent industries. And being able to connect one subject to another is essential for innovation since most problems are created in the hand-offs between functions.

Many companies define executive expertise in terms of years in a function or in an industry. Will that type of expertise be enough to perpetually drive innovation and keep your company off the trash heap of history? I don’t think so.

You need daring goals, skillful data analysis, highly focused innovation engineering, dynamic leadership and an inspiring approach to employee engagement. I hope to provide some insights on how to make innovation a standard operating procedure in your organization. Enjoy!




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